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  1. Pageant of the Masters

      Art comes to life July 7 – September 1, as the annual juried exhibit of fine artists comes to town. This year’s theme is Under the Sun, an homage to the early 20th century when impressionists sat alongside plein air artists outdoors to take in the natural beauty—and expose it on canvas. Enjoy a…

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  2. “Tico” Costa Rican Cuisine in Anaheim

      Anaheim has a variety of Mexican and Spanish restaurants, but Costa Rican cuisine is something entirely different—and well worth tasting. There’s only one pure “Tico” restaurant in Anaheim, aptly named the Costa Rican Restaurant, and it’s where you’ll enjoy authentic dishes from Central America. Typical dishes include tamales, tacos ticos, picadillos, casados and tortas…

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  3. Tour the Grand Canyon in Style

      The Grand Canyon might not be the first destination you imagine when booking a trip to Anaheim, but when ushered on a stylish coach, this global phenomenon is a short drive from sunny California. Most stopover in Las Vegas, too. Numerous tour companies offer hotel pick up and customization options, but the most popular…

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  4. Anaheim 5 de Mayo Festival

      With a rich, thriving Mexican-American population, Anaheim is home to some of the biggest fiestas in the country. Over 100,000 people flock to the massive Cinco de Mayo festival during the holiday weekend, and one of the biggest hosts is Anaheim 5 de Mayo, a local non-profit committed to promoting Hispanic American activities. The…

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  5. Made in the OC

    A surprising amount of products are made in Orange County. If you really want to live like a local, check out these products you never knew were made in or close to Anaheim: Airborne Systems’ parachutes: The company has manufactured over 10,000 parachutes for the US Army. With 300 employees, the T-11 parachutes are high-quality…

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  6. Carnival in the Dominican Republic on Santa Catalina Island 

    Set sail to nearby Catalina Island for Carnival in the Dominican Republic, scheduled February 12 and 13. This annual event takes place each February, and it’s where you can celebrate DR-style with live music, parades that wind through the island, and of course plenty of food and dancing. Don a mask, or buy a colorful…

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  7. French Dining in Anaheim

    Whether you’re in the mood for the perfect croque madame, are looking for a romantic date night spot or simply want to explore the exciting Anaheim food scene, booking a reservation at one of the French establishments is a must. Try Café Casse Croute for a breakfast croissant or one of their revered filet mignons…

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  8. Your MLK Jr. Day Celebration Guide

      Two major parades take place in Southern California for MLK Jr. Day, including the 30th Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Peace and Unity Parade and Celebration in Long Beach. The parade begins at 10:30 a.m. at the corner of MLK and Atlantic Avenues. Afterwards, the celebration continues until 6 p.m. with a carnival, arts…

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  9. German Fare in Anaheim

    It’s no surprise that a city founded by Germans has plenty of authentic, delicious German restaurants to choose from. At Jagerhaus, you’ll find goulash, strudel, bratwurst and other German treasures all in an intimate, cozy environment. Start with the traditional fondue, and don’t forget to save room for an extra pint or two of imported…

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  10. North Gate of the City of Anaheim

    Located at 775 Anaheim Boulevard and North Street, this is the original town site of Anaheim. During its heyday, it was enclosed by a “living fence” comprised of willow trees which did a fantastic job of keeping livestock out. This gate is one of four that aided in travel back and forth to the north….

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