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Historical Buildings in Anaheim City

A thriving community with a wide-range past at the heart of Anaheim, California. The city has 4 distinct historic districts tagged as the largest and first in town. Residents experienced a suburban urban mix atmosphere and most residents leased properties to live by. Comprising its historic structures, the city has a lot of contemporary coffee shops, restaurants, parks, schools and other establishments keeping the city up to date. 

The Mother Colony House

Being one of the first buildings in the city, Mother Colony House is pretty historic for the people of Anaheim City. Talks about the house being built by L.A. local George Hansen which was considered as the city’s founder have been widespread because of the never-ending problem of moving the house to the City Council which was opposed by the locals living there. Visit The Mother Colony House and make history come to life as you witness its marvelous structures. 

Founders Park

Immerse in the city’s agricultural history through Anaheim’s Founder’s Park. Tour at the old homes built by the locals in the early beginnings of Anaheim. A perfect place for social gatherings, fundraising events, weddings and corporate events. It is also ideal for families that want to explore a historic vibe upon traveling. 

The Griffith House

A Spanish style house built in the 19 hundreds surrounded by trees is the perfect venue for romantic events like weddings. Given the history of the house, it gives off a rustic vibe that would make any wedding a perfect one when held in this place. It can accommodate up to 350 guests, quite big for special events, meetings, wedding ceremonies indoor and outdoor, receptions and even birthday parties held in this area.

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