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  1. Come and Visit these Open-air Dining Spots in Anaheim!

    Sunshine is always part of the menu in Southern California. Come and enjoy outdoor dining spots in Anaheim. There is a series of popular food halls and expanded patio seating that brings the freshest outdoor flavors. Here are some of the best outdoor dining options that you can try in and around the area. Taste…

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  2. The Best Nature Walking Spots in Anaheim, California / Orange County

    Orange County, Southern California is a place that attracts tourists and visitors from different parts of the globe. Most of these tourists go to the “Happiest Place on Earth” situated in Anaheim or better known as the Disneyland Resort. Listed below are some of the Best Nature Walking Spots in Anaheim places you still have…

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  3. Spending the Weekend in Anaheim

    Spending-the-Weekend-in-Anaheim-BW Stovalls-Anaheim Inn

    Want to find great places for entertainment, attractions and dining experience in Anaheim? There are many things that you can do in Anaheim if you are looking for places and activities to spend your weekend. Friday night is the perfect time to start having fun in the city! Fantastic Dining Restaurants If you are looking…

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  4. Delicious Burgers in Anaheim

    Delicious-Burgers-in-Anaheim-BW-Stovalls-Anaheim Inn

    When you visit Anaheim, you will find many restaurants that serve a variety of cuisines. But if you are looking for a place to indulge in your favorite delicious burger, we have listed the best restaurants we found in Anaheim! Invite your friends and dine in at these most-recommended restaurants in Anaheim that you will…

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  5. Historical Buildings in Anaheim City

    A thriving community with a wide-range past at the heart of Anaheim, California. The city has 4 distinct historic districts tagged as the largest and first in town. Residents experienced a suburban urban mix atmosphere and most residents leased properties to live by. Comprising its historic structures, the city has a lot of contemporary coffee…

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  6. Anaheim and its Great Landing Place

    Experience a visit to a city that was built by the founders using their creative imagination. If you’re looking for somewhere that could give you a unique, delightful and inspiring experience, then Anaheim is the place to go. We gathered some of the best destinations to try when setting foot in this majestic city. Muzeo…

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  7. Great Time in Anaheim: Some Indoor and Outdoor Activities you will Enjoy!

    Great-Time-in-Anaheim-Some-Indoor-and-Outdoor-Activities-you-will-Enjoy!-BW-Stovalls-Anaheim Inn

    Anaheim is recognized for several tourist attractions that are popular with the tourists like the Disneyland Resort and The Honda Center. Listed down below are some of the places you cannot miss if you ever find yourself in the heart of Anaheim!  Fly High at Big Air Trampoline The Big Air Trampoline is a leading…

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  8. The Magical World of Disneyland!


    Disneyland is loved by everyone of all ages. It brings a different vibe of excitement, especially with its classic and new attractions! Outside the parks, the enjoyment still continues. The three Disneyland Resort Hotels along with the Downtown Disney District features a great collection of entertainment, shopping and dining options. And all are just within…

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  9. Anaheim’s Ancient Landmarks


    The settlement was called Anaheim by the founders, with “anna” indicating the Santa Ana River and “heim” meaning “home” in German. The city has a population of around 311,000 people and covers forty-six square miles, making it Orange County’s largest and most populous city. Eventually, the name was changed significantly to Anaheim. A few historical…

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  10. Family fun for everyone!


    Anaheim is a popular spot to bring your family with you! Aside from being the home of the world-known Disneyland, Anaheim also has a variety of areas where you can stroll and learn from. You may have never noticed it before so now is a perfect time! Come and build your ultimate family vacation in…

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