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The S. Preston Art Gallery first opened its doors in September 2017. This Gallery features Preston’s -the artist- minimalist baseball art, including his minimalist mascots, minimalist ballparks, and ballpark princess artwork. The Gallery’s collections celebrate the creative and fun side of sports while showcasing the game’s love. The S. Preston Art Gallery is located at the well-known Anaheim GardenWalk, one block from Disneyland and a few blocks from the Honda Center and the Angel Stadium.


Preston was very talented since he was in school; he played three instruments, was captain of several teams, made perfect grades, and excelled at art. Still, he always had a passion for sports and dreamed of becoming a professional artist. Preston decided that broadcasting was the best way to get into professional sports. He had been accepted to all top schools in Canada, but he chose to enroll in broadcast school at the small Calgary technical institute. After graduating, he worked in several T.V. studios and hockey games, golf tournaments, and horse races. Preston was happily working around sports but felt it wasn’t enough.

Fast forward several years, and Preston is now 40 years old and has lost sight of his dream. He had learned a lot through the past years, like teaching himself graphic Design and art, but still, he wanted more. One day, he picked up a doodle he had made three years ago on a post-it note, a minimalist drawing of ballparks, then he thought to himself, “hmmm, I’m bored; why not?” And as it turned out, Preston’s minimalist designs were a home run. He quickly built an e-commerce website, answered press calls, and filled orders like crazy; he had gone viral. Clueless and desperate for help, he called a friend called I am -with no artistic or graphic design talent- with all the business acumen Preston needed. Together they got busy and created Preston’s new brand…. S. Preston Art + Design.

After creating the Gallery, Preston finally felt like a sports professional. He talked to fans, writers, and professional athletes daily while traveling from stadiums to ballparks, attending games, festivals, and events. In 206, Preston’s artwork was featured in the permanent archives in Cooperstown, N.Y., and issued a lifetime membership to the Baseball Hall of Fame. 

S.Presston Art + Designs’ artwork has been featured in Sports Illustrated, ESPN, Deadspin, Fan Shield, Bleacher Reports, Entertainment Weekly, Yahoo! Sports, USA Today, and in several All-Star Games for the NHL and MLB. Preston’s minimalist artwork is displayed in many U.S. ballparks, art galleries, sports executives, and corporate leaders’ offices. And most recently, Preston opened its own sports art gallery in 2017.

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