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Joe’s Italian Ice

Joe’s Italian Ice specializes in deliciously smooth Italian ice perfectly topped with creamy vanilla shipped from Pennsylvania’s best dairy. Joe’s Italian Ice was established in 2002 by Mike Abeyta. It all started when Mike wanted to bring Philadelphia treats to West Coasters, water ice topped with the sweetest and creamiest soft-serve ice cream.
Joe’s Italian Ice lets you experience one of the best Italian ice in the world. Joe’s Italian Ice uses only the freshest and highest quality fruits and ingredients to create every delicious Italian ice. All the recipes at Joe’s were uniquely created at the establishment’s kitchen lab. They exclusively sold there, Garnishing every Italian ice with Joe Latti – a high-grade soft serve ice cream from a Pennsylvania dairy. To top it all off, Joe’s Italian Ice staff is committed to excellence, enthusiasm, and determined work.
Quickly becoming a household name in Anaheim, Joe’s Italian Ice decided to enter Arizona’s market and introduce its fun atmosphere and great taste. Among the best options available at Joe’s Italian Ice are Blue Hawaii, Cactus Cooler, Fuzzy Wuzzy, Cotton Candy, Java Joe, Peachy Kiwi, Poison Apple, and Tiki Cream. | 2201 S. Harbor Blvd. Anaheim, CA 92802 | 714.703.2100

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