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Discover an Authentic Lebanese Bakery in Anaheim, CA

Cheesweet is a bakery in Anaheim, California, that provides an authentic Lebanese taste on the West Coast. This charming shop employs ancient recipes, crafting mouth-watering desserts freshly made each morning at the Anaheim location. The commitment to using the finest ingredients ensures an unparalleled quality and taste in every bite.

Among the highlights of CheeSweet’s offerings is the Knafeh, a traditional Lebanese dessert that receives daily attention from skilled pastry chefs. The result is a freshly made, gratifying treat that lingers on the palate, leaving a lasting impression. Equally enticing is the Baklawa, a testament to the craftsmanship and passion in each layer of this Lebanese pastry.

Mafrookeh, a simple yet delightful dessert made of semolina flour, butter, and sugar syrup infused with rose and orange blossom water, captures the essence of CheeSweet’s commitment to blending simplicity with flavor. It has quickly become a favorite among patrons seeking a harmonious taste experience.

While CheeSweet has gained acclaim for its exceptional pastries, the establishment offers a diverse breakfast menu to cater to various tastes. From the inviting French Crostini and Bialy Egg Sandwich to the comforting Multigrain Hot Cereal and refreshing Lemon Yogurt Parfait, every palate has a delightful option. The bakery also boasts an array of bread, including the Seed Rye Baguette, Semolina Rosemary, Whole Wheat Cider, and more.

Beyond the delicious offerings, CheeSweet is a place where memories are created. Whether you are a resident or a visiting tourist, a trip to CheeSweet promises a culinary journey that remains etched in your memory. Experience the sweet side of Lebanon, where tradition, craftsmanship, and simple pleasures merge.

When you visit Anaheim, take the chance to stop by CheeSweet. Indulge in the warmth of Lebanese hospitality and savor the rich flavors that have made this unassuming bakery a cherished destination for those seeking a taste of authenticity on the West Coast.


510 N Brookhurst St #102, Anaheim, CA 92801 | (714) 991-9966 |

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