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Vintage: The New Fad

BowlingVintage is the new fashion and craze. Anything that appears to be 10 years or older is considered vintage and the demand for such has risen exponentially. We don’t have jewelry, clothes or home decor (read: rotary phone) for you but we do have some suggestions for a vintage date. This may be just what you need to escape the text messages, facebook and instagram for the evening.

Roller skating went out of style so we are bringing it back. Holiday Skate Center can help bring that vintage feel to your afternoon or evening. Set the in-line skates aside, we are going full vintage and talking about the quad skates. Grab a pair and hit the floor. You may feel the need for a poodle skirt or hair gel to get in the mood.

Bowling never really went out of style, as you can tell by these modern bowling alleys, but we think the game is still ‘vintage’. Try some friendly competition at Lucky Strike Lanes, Concourse Bowling Center or AMF Carter Lanes. They even come equipped with arcade games. Not as vintage as the coke float with two straws but think 1980’s and Pac-Man.

Speaking of coke floats, check out Brianna’s Ice Cream. It doesn’t have the same soda shop feel, you need to head over to Flo’s V8 inside Disneyland Park for that, but they still have the same ‘goods’. Grab a thick, creamy milkshake or a coke float and kick back to an earlier time and place.

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