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Disneyland Packing Tips


Getting ready for your long-awaited Disneyland trip? You better be fully prepared to make your dream vacation a perfect magical adventure! In order to help with your packing, we have listed a few suggestions for you. These are based on the experiences we gathered from many people who visited Disneyland!

Choose Your Clothing

When you visit Disneyland, it is recommended that you wear fashionable but comfortable clothing. Dress up and pose with your favorite Disney characters while you tour. But if the weather is not as good on the day of your visit, bring a poncho or an umbrella just in case the rain pours while you are inside the park. Folding umbrellas are extremely recommended! Water shoes are also good for comfortable walking or when you are enjoying the rides in Disneyland. Make sure none of them will fall off while you are having fun!

What’s in Your Bag?

In packing your bag, make sure that everything is secured. Keep your bag small and bring only the most important things such as your sunscreen or a hat for sun protection, power bank and camera. Keep your wallet in sight! We recommend that you wear your wallet around your neck so it cannot easily be targeted by pick-pocketers. Disneyland’s security may be extreme, but it is always better to take care of your own things!

Snacks for Quick Bites

There are casual dining and quick-service restaurants in Disneyland but if you are going on a budget tour, it is recommended that you bring your own snacks. Walking all day will tire you easily. You will starve at some point before your scheduled dinner at a fancy restaurant so you better pack some snacks. Grab some small bites so that you will not get hungry especially if you still have a long day ahead in Disneyland.

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