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Disneyland Fun Facts


Do you know anybody who does not know or have not heard of Disney or Disneyland? Well, it might be difficult to name at least one person! But many of them might not know about the fun facts we have listed. Tell them about these interesting facts about Disneyland!

Mickey Mouse More Than 290 Outfits While Minnie Has Over 200 Outfits

How many outfits of Mickey and Minnie Mouse can you remember? You will be surprised if we tell you that Mickey Mouse has more outfits than you and Minnie! Mickey Mouse has more than 290 outfits while Minnie has over 200 outfits. Now you know who to call once you run out of outfits to wear on a special day. Do not be surprised if you see Mickey and Minnie Mouse in different costumes every time you visit Disneyland!

An Average of 210 Pairs of Sunglasses are Being Turned in Daily

If you are coming to Disneyland during a period of hot weather, you will probably bring sunglasses for eye protection. But have you ever experienced going to Disneyland with dark vision and unconsciously leaving with brighter and more comfortable eyesight? Well, maybe you dropped your sunglasses somewhere! In Disneyland, an average of 210 pairs of sunglasses are being turned in daily! Why? You may want to ask yourself if you ever lost one, too!

Disneyland was Built Within Only 365 Days

We know some buildings that take a few years before the construction gets finished. What more if they are building an amusement park? Well, Disneyland opened on 17th July 1955. Did you know how long the people waited before they could enjoy this famous amusement worldwide? Disneyland was built within a period of only 365 days! It was just perfect for people at that time who have been looking forward to visit it.

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